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The Impact of the Mitel/ShoreTel Acquisition

Back in 2017, Mitel Networks Corporation acquired ShoreTel for $530 million. The new partnership was welcome news for Barry Communications. ShoreTel, our flagship Unified Communications (UC) manufacturer had now become part of a global communication magnate that supplied cloud-based services for over two billion businesses connections worldwide. Mitel Networks currently serves 70 million users in nearly 100 countries. They provide innovative, […]

The Difference Between a Managed Cloud and a Public Cloud

Companies in almost every industry across the U.S. are continuing to transition their IT infrastructure into the cloud. The cloud platform offers flexibility, scalability, and a significant reduction in costs – all features that are attractive to tech-driven corporations who value optimal digitization wherever they can find it. So, the only question that users need […]

National Carriers and Business VoIP Services: Proceed with Caution

If you’re researching voice over Internet Protocol options based on the latest “business choice award,” you might think business VoIP boils down to a shortlist of corporate behemoths. And choosing your organization’s ideal provider—it would seem—is just a matter of comparing the largest, most well-known carriers. Not so fast… Fortunately, carriers like Verizon and Comcast […]

Hosted VoIP Solutions: 3 Tips when Shopping for Providers

I recently attended a client meeting where I found myself having a familiar conversation. The prospective client is already using a hosted VoIP network (although “struggling with” may be a better description). So far, he’s had disappointing experiences with not one, but two separate providers, and unfortunately his complaints are pretty common: • The phone […]