Business VoIP Training

New technology is only as good as the ability of your team to make full use of it.

At Barry, training is always a top priority at all levels of the client organization.

Our business VoIP training actually begins well before installation. From the design stage onward, we educate and inform key personnel in your organization about system functionalities and how to use them. To ensure the seamless introduction of new systems business operations, we send out an email that can be blasted to your entire organization highlighting all the information for the transition; how to log into their new voicemail, how to access their new software, when this change will be taking place, what to expect and when, as well as self- paced training videos that fully guide each user to their new hardware and software. We are on-site for cut coverage ensuring all your employees are able to use their new system. System Administrators also receive more advanced training that allows them to manage day-to-day system functionality.

Further training is available upon request at any time, including supplemental transition training, refresher training or training of new hires.