Are Cloud Voice Services Really Right for You?

It may seem like everything related to communications is moving to the cloud. So of course, your business should be in the cloud too, right? Maybe not. While cloud voice services offer a lot in the way of exciting functionality, and it can be appealing not to have to own or manage your company’s communications […]

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National Carriers and Business VoIP Services: Proceed with Caution

If you’re researching voice over Internet Protocol options based on the latest “business choice award,” you might think business VoIP boils down to a shortlist of corporate behemoths. And choosing your organization’s ideal provider—it would seem—is just a matter of comparing the largest, most well-known carriers. Not so fast… Fortunately, carriers like Verizon and Comcast […]

Hosted VoIP Solutions: 3 Tips when Shopping for Providers

I recently attended a client meeting where I found myself having a familiar conversation. The prospective client is already using a hosted VoIP network (although “struggling with” may be a better description). So far, he’s had disappointing experiences with not one, but two separate providers, and unfortunately his complaints are pretty common: • The phone […]