We’ve talked a lot about the importance of having a strong disaster recovery and business continuity plan, and how the two things go hand in hand. However, when we’ve addressed it before – and when most other organizations address is – we’re speaking in terms of natural disasters, events that could cause damage to the structure of the building or systems (either permanently or temporarily), or weather systems that may close an office for a couple of days. What we don’t typically consider are human and health crises that could cause closures.

As we navigate the territory of the worldwide Coronavirus emergency it’s become clear that strong business continuity planning is imperative in these situations as well. While the United States hasn’t been impacted as much as countries in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, we can see what’s been happening. School and business closures have begun in Europe and the Middle East, while China is still reeling from a veritable shutdown. While some industries – such as manufacturing – may have less recourse (after all, if employees are unable to operate machinery there’s not many ways around it), others can likely keep up a strong pace of operations even with office closures and isolations put in place.

With a strong business continuity plan in place, you’ll be able to ensure that even in the event that your office must close or many employees need to work from home or another location they’ll be able to do so. Some things to consider when evaluating your plan for these circumstances include:

  • Do all essential employees have access to the materials and systems they need from outside of the office? This might include phone systems, email, file storage, etc.
  • Similarly, are the above-mentioned systems able to be managed from outside of the organization’s physical location?
  • Is your team able to communicate effectively with internal and external players while working remotely? This includes being able to use instant messaging, send emails, check voicemail, etc.

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