the cloud

The Cloud: How it can improve IT for companies like yours

You can’t have many conversations these days about IT and not have the cloud come up as part of the discussion—and voice applications are no exception. One of the most important fundamentals to understand is that there is no one cloud.

March Meltdown

I feel safe to write this now that I am looking out my office window and the sun is shining, snow melting, and it is not in the negative degree range. There have been MANY Mondays over the past few months that I was not able to commute into the office and was forced to […]

Ten Signs It’s Time to Update or Replace Your Business Telephone System

It’s a rare business owner who wakes up one morning and decides that legacy migration to VoIP is the best possible use of company assets. Maybe it should happen more often. Owners who research the options quickly recognize that replacing an outdated “legacy” telephone system with voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) is one of the […]