emergency-planI feel safe to write this now that I am looking out my office window and the sun is shining, snow melting, and it is not in the negative degree range. There have been MANY Mondays over the past few months that I was not able to commute into the office and was forced to set up shop at home. I wasn’t alone. My husband was home from his corporate law office, my co-workers were home, my friends and neighbors.

The good news – I was able to maintain my productivity and efficiency as if I was sitting in the office. I leveraged my home internet to connect to our ShoreTel system and launched my softphone. I could make and receive all my calls without having to give out my cell phone or another number. I was able to click to dial any of my contacts right from my Outlook. Four digit dial any of my co-workers. Even IM/Chat them or video if I wanted. Many of the calls I was receiving were from existing customers that were trying to quickly come up with a game plan to have their employees get their calls remotely. Many of them were on old technology and the best they could do was put an out of office message/snow closure greeting and lose precious days of business. I witnessed a lot of frustration and business lost. I don’t think any of us expected a winter quite like this.

What is your company’s emergency weather plan? Do your employees have the ability to work from home as productively as if they were sitting in the office? I have been busy meeting with new clients and existing customers to make sure they have the right technology in place. With all that is available today, there should be no reason not to have business continuity. Hopefully we are done worrying about it for this winter, but as New Englanders we know that winter is sure to come again…let us just have some beach days first.