Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Worcester, Inc.

Business Size: 100
Industry: Retail/Consumer


  • Busy Pepsi wholesaler with two locations: Holden, MA and Dayville, CT
  • Outdated phone system in need of upgrading
  • Wanted to investigate newer voice and data productivity features that could improve organizational efficiencies
  • Wanted to improve communication between their two facilities
  • Saving money was essential
“I am very pleased with our recent installation. The Barry staff is quite good at what they are doing. Good communication. Good follow up. Good patience. Good stuff!”

Patrick Lacaire
IT Manager

Key Challenges:

  • They needed more bandwidth to accommodate the increased voice and data traffic that they were experiencing. Callers would frequently encounter ‘all lines are busy’ when trying to make calls.
  • The two locations were having difficulty communicating easily between each other


  • ShoreTel Unified Communications Solution
  • ShoreTel ShoreGear Voice Switches
  • ShoreTel IP 230 Phones
  • Barry IPConnect Managed Services


  • Customer Service Improved
    • Caller ID made for more personal calls
    • Tracking of calls improved
    • Front desk became more efficient. Everyone smiled more!
  • Productivity Increased
    • Better collaboration between two locations
    • Employees were able to work remotely easily
  • The Company Saved Money
    • Bundling voice and data services through Barry IPConnect managed services reduced monthly costs