ShoreTel Connect Training

Complete Unified Communications Training

We begin training your team on how to use the new system before installation begins.

From the design stage forward, we educate and inform key personnel in your organization on system components, how the system works, and how to use all the features. Each member of your team will receive an email that highlights the following information.

  • How to log into voicemail
  • How to access the new software
  • When the new system will go in effect
  • What the staff can expect with the new changes
  • Access to training videos that teach your staff how to use the new equipment and software

Our engineers will also be on-site through the transition to ensure that each individual knows how to use the system properly. System administrators will also receive further advanced training that allows them to manage day-to-day system operations.

Further training is available upon request at any time, including supplemental transition training, refresher training, or training of new hires.

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