With recent events and the rush to set people up to work remotely, we’ve also been spending a lot of time troubleshooting some common issues with connectivity and call quality. Keep in mind that unlike much of what you do on the Internet, voice is a real-time application and requires a continuous and timely stream of packets in order to work properly.Barry Communications Remote Telecommunications VoIP Work From Home

Here are some tips and tricks to try to make sure you get the best experience that you can.

Check Your Bandwidth 

Depending upon where you are, your bandwidth may be limited and that could impact the quality of calls. Most home broadband options (with the exception of Verizon FiOS) have less upload capability than download.

Download speed is important when you’re watching Netflix, but upload is critical when you’re on a voice call. If possible, call your provider and make sure you’ve got an up-to-date plan and the most speed you can afford.

Home broadband services are not only shared within your home but also with the rest of the neighborhood and beyond. In these unprecedented times, Internet usage is being taxed more than ever and many public sites have crashed. Although you can’t control what happens outside your home, you can try to limit what others in the house are doing during working hours (video games, for example, put a significant load on Internet bandwidth), which could improve your experience.

A Wired v. Wireless Experience

If you are using a softphone, if at all possible, connect directly with a Cat.5/6 cable into your cable modem/router. Many wireless routers, particularly older ones, can introduce delays that will impact the quality of voice calls.

Softphone Issues

If you are running a softphone then you should keep in mind that the softphone software will require consistent processing power and RAM. If you have an older desktop or laptop, this can be a problem. Keep as few applications running at once as possible. 


Although there are many ways to access audio from a desktop/laptop, the best experience will come from a USB headset.

If you’re a Barry Communications customer and you’re still experiencing issues, please submit a ticket.

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