Bertera Auto Group

Business Size: 200
Industry: Automotive


  • Fast-growing dealership group with multiple locations
  • A spate of recent acquisitions inherited legacy phone systems
  • Long-distance and land-line charges were growing too expensive
  • IT resources were strained
  • Wanted a new phone system that could save money, be easy to manage and could scale as the dealership group continued to grow.
It was a huge undertaking to change all of our phones, faxes and Internet at all of our locations. I was dreading the switch. The installation went flawlessly because the Barry team worked weekends and through the nights so we would not lose service.

Michele Gonyea
Corporate Secretary

Key Challenges:

  • Sales staff was giving out their personal cell phone numbers, preventing sales managers from tracking prospects effectively
  • Keeping pace with staff changes (additions/turnovers) was difficult to administer
  • Bertera executives traveling to different sites required interoffice dialing
  • Preparedness for a disaster was challenged because of integration of different phone systems from dealership to dealership


  • ShoreTel Phone System
  • ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center
  • ShoreTel IP 230 Phones
  • Adtran Networking
  • Barry IPConnect Managed Services


  • IPConnect solution reduced monthly local/long-distance phone and Internet expenses
  • New system’s distributed architecture and applications as well as its N+1 redundancy helped provide five-nines availability for mission critical availability
  • Mobility solution allowed staff to receive their calls on their mobile phones without giving out their cell phone number
  • Staff was able to assign their extension to any phone as they traveled from site to site
  • Management was able to easily keep pace with constant demands of dynamic staffing needs