Renewal by Andersen

Unified Communications Case Study

Size: 50 Inside Sales Reps
Industry: Home Improvement


  • This Renewal by Andersen dealer utilizes nearly one thousand phone numbers to handle its complex blend of inbound regional advertising response calls, outbound sales calls, field representative appointment set-ups, post-appointment follow-ups, and others.
  • Renewal
 by Andersen’s original phone system from a previous vendor was not appropriate for the company’s size as well as call volume and complexity.
  • As a result, the service provider struggled to make the system work efficiently.

“Barry’s very responsive. We talk to the same two or three guys, so we know who they are. We never had that with our old vendor. You were always getting a new person and had to get over that hump before you could talk about the problem. That was the major factor for us leaving them—the lack of service.”

Bob Klane
Inside Sales Director, Renewal by Andersen

Key Challenges:

  • Call monitoring was cumbersome for department managers, with passwords hampering 
the ability of managers to jump between calls, often resulting in three to four minute delays.
  • The previous vendor’s recording system never worked properly, with a tricky log-in process that easily resulted in failed log-ins, prohibiting sales reps from recording calls.
  • As much as 30 percent of all calls went unrecorded as a result of the poorly-designed log-in process.
  • Poor customer service and response times compounded
 by system upgrading difficulties further handicapped the vendor, resulting in less than satisfactory telephone service and call center support for Renewal by Andersen.


  • A simplified unified communications solution—Shoretel Hosted Cloud Services.
  • User-friendly, real-time call reports that can be easily customized to provide specific data of interest to the various call center managers.
  • 24×7 technical support.
  • A robust disaster recovery process in place to protect the company’s call center operations means Renewal by Andersen now has a leading edge, easy-to-use phone system that provides optimal call center performance and peace-of-mind.


  • Barry’s ShoreTel installation provided a powerful, feature-rich unified communications solution.
  • One hour’s worth of training for sales reps to get started.
  • Shoretel system provides customized, user-friendly functionality previously unavailable to this company.