Salmon Health and Retirement

Business Size: 120
Industry: Healthcare


  • With communities in Natick, Northborough, Northbridge and Westborough, Salmon Health and Retirement was opening a new facility, The Willows at Worcester.
  • Wanted a new VoIP phone system and service provider
Customer service is so important in our line of work. That’s why it’s so important that we align our facilities with service providers who share our vision for customer excellence. Barry’s attention to detail and prompt reliable service set the bar for industry standards.

Andrew Freilich
Executive Director

Key Challenges:

  • Needed a system that was scalable beyond initial installation in Worcester.
  • Needed a system that could meet needs of both administration office and residents
  • Needed a system that was easy to manage and allowed moves/adds/changes without much difficulty
  • Service had to be dependable and reliable.


  • ShoreTel IP Phone System
  • ShoreTel 560s, 230s and 115s
  • Adtran Networking
  • Barry IPConnect Managed Services


  • New system increased productivity through better collaboration, remote access and ability to tie into Salmon’s CRM system.
  • The Willow’s customers are better served because residents enjoyed features like Caller ID.
  • Willow’s administrators are able to monitor and track network performance.
  • Facility has a predictable, fixed monthly expense.