Unified Communications Design and Development

The point at which an overall solution has been chosen is the point at which our most deeply knowledgeable staff members take over. The role of the engineer is critical in ensuring that the comprehensive, detailed design of your unified communications solution will be able to deliver the full functionality and reliability you need.

Designed with You in Mind

Our design and development services include:

  • A review of existing processes and procedures
  • Recommendation and discussion of potential changes
  • Database collection
  • Programing and testing

Working with a qualified Barry engineer ensures that you will get the maximum benefit from your investment. Our experts meet with your key personnel to understand their requirements in detail and will provide suggestions and insights based on their deep and long experience. We then set to work with a strong focus on planning your new system to achieve the goals that were established during the consultation process. This collaborative approach results in a system that is expertly tailored to your organization’s unified communications needs.