Mitel Collaboration – Audio, Web & Video Conferencing

Enhance Your Collaboration…Anytime, Anywhere

With Mitel collaboration services, you can utilize audio conferencing, video conferencing, and collaboration all from a single platform. Make your meetings more productive through document and application screen sharing, as well as voice and video communications.

Establish Quick Connections

Connect your customer quickly regardless of their location.

Provide Greater Collaboration

MiCollab allows you to connect with others to share and collaborate on projects and presentations. By working together online, you can accomplish more.

Accelerate Customer Responsiveness

Your customers no longer have to wait to resolve issues. MiCollab allows you to create a session that addresses customer issues quickly and allows them to navigate through items on your eCommerce site.

Reduce Business Costs

This new format allows you to save money on conferencing hosts and connection costs without spending more money on needless add-ons. You can help more people connect while staying within your budget.

Product Features

  • Scheduled and ad-hoc conferences
  • Web-based collaboration viewing and sharing
  • Large scale and small party audio conferencing
  • File uploading/sharing/transferring
  • Chat and group chat
  • Outlook calendar integration
  • Conference recording
  • Participant access codes
  • Document management
  • Secure remote working