Customer Assurance Statement:

Mitel is excited to announce that it has entered into a definitive merger agreement to acquire all of the
outstanding common stock of ShoreTel. The transaction is expected to close in calendar Q3, 2017.
The proposed acquisition will create a more efficient and competitive company focused on Premise, Hybrid
and Cloud solutions for the small, medium and large enterprise segments. Until the transaction has closed,
we must operate as two separate and independent companies. Be assured that Mitel highly values the
relationship ShoreTel has with its’ customers and channel partners and would not do anything to jeopardize
that relationship now or in the future. In fact, Mitel’s desire is to retain all ShoreTel customer relationships
and associated revenues. Below is a framework to help you gain confidence in Mitel’s intentions and go
forward plans.

As it relates to premise based ShoreTel products:

  1. The ShoreTel platform for the SMB segment is a strong offering and we welcome the opportunity to
    expand the Mitel product portfolio with this solution.
  2. Mitel will seek to optimize the combined product lines and where sensible consolidate areas that are
    not disruptive to our customers, yet drive enhanced efficiencies for the combined company to enable
    greater innovation. A potential example would be phone endpoints and accessories where
    duplicative phone devices with overlapping capabilities may be confusing to customers. Although it
    is too soon to speculate as to the product line and roadmap for the combined company, in the event
    that Mitel decides to end the sale of any ShoreTel product, it will be done with at least a 12 month
    notice to the last date of purchase.
  3. Mitel’s standard policy of end of Hardware and Software support will apply to any ShoreTel product
    that is announced as end of sales. This policy is 5 years of support beyond the End of Sales date.

As it relates to cloud based ShoreTel solutions:

  1. Mitel is committed to continuing to invest and support the ShoreTel Cloud UC Solution. It is our
    strategy to retain these customers by continuing to deliver a high level of service and to invest to
    expand the collaboration capabilities of these cloud offerings.
  2. Mitel will plan to capitalize on the best capabilities of both the ShoreTel and Mitel UC Cloud offerings
    by consolidating the solution portfolios over a multi-product release schedule, and without requiring
    any displacement of existing equipment on the customer’s location nor any disruption to the users
    of the UC solutions. This is one of the key benefits of a cloud deployment model, namely, the ability
    to evolve the software solutions and have them deployed across the customer base easily.
  3. Any customer committing to the ShoreTel or Mitel Cloud solution today will be protected and able
    to leverage the increased investment in collaboration solutions of the combined company.

Any integration of Mitel and ShoreTel products and services (whether premise or cloud based) will only occur
after closing and will be designed to minimize disruption to ShoreTel end users.


Rich McBee
President & CEO