Electrical & Voice/Data Wiring Services

In the focus on new equipment and features, the importance of basic infrastructure elements such as wiring can easily be overlooked. Not at Barry.

Our heritage as masters of both high and low-voltage electrical systems is one key to our success. At Barry, we thoroughly understand not only the latest devices and software, but also the principles and details of every type of infrastructure commonly used in business today, including many specialty systems designed for particular industries and applications.

Wired for Success

Our electrical and voice/data wiring capabilities include:

  • Electrical infrastructure analysis (high- and low-voltage)
  • Custom electrical design
  • Power system quality analysis
  • Power-line conditioning to protect your investment in electronics and voice/data systems by ensuring they have “clean” power
  • Infrastructure wiring and communication cabling
  • Codes, permits and Certificates of Occupancy

Proper installation of low-voltage communications wiring is essential: Improperly installed wires can severely degrade the functionality of voice/data systems through problems such as interference from high-voltage wiring.

Our extensive experience with design and installation of both low- and high-voltage infrastructure is your assurance of a degree of expertise that few if any firms in the region can match.