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CCaaS Shows Customers How Much You Care

If your legacy system is letting you down, CCaaS may be the answer. Make your contact center team more productive. Make the best use of your IT department. Empower all agents, in the office and at home. The result?  Better customer experiences, stronger protection of personal customer information, and infinite room to grow and adapt to changes.

 The focus today is on customer experience. CCaaS cloud solutions meet the growing expectations of customers, with convenient omnichannel capabilities and better KPIs (key performance indicators), such as first call resolution. Integrate all your contact center platforms for positive outcome, including:

  • Improved customer experience and loyalty

  • More motivated employees and improved productivity

  • Streamlined IT for better use of your resources

  • Greater collaboration to better serve customers

  • Higher operational efficiency for greater cost-savings 

  • Meeting business goals and contact center KPIs

 According to a 2019 report by Deloitte, 25% of contact centers have moved their systems to the cloud–and the numbers are rapidly growing. Meanwhile, 30% that have not done so are actively working to move to the cloud in the next two years.  

CCaaS Boosts Contact Center Success

The Proof is in the Numbers

INCREASE Competitive Advantage

81% of companies view customer experience as a way to gain a competitive advantage. Gartner predicts that CCaaS will be the preferred adoption model in 50% of contact centers, plus four out of five enterprises will shut down their traditional data centers by 2025. Barry’s CCaaS solutions propel you ahead of the curve—reducing costs, improving contact center KPIs, and achieving business goals.

  • By focusing on your customers, your organization can become 60% more profitable.
  •  Customers are likely to spend 140% more after a positive experience. 
  • CCaaS options ultimately provide a 10-37% reduction in cost per contact. 

EXCEED Customer Expectations

CaaS increases customer satisfaction scores from 59% to 85% (Forrester). Make your customers happy and show that you appreciate their loyalty. How? Provide fast, accurate answers to their inquiries about products, services, and support them across all channels. CCaaS solution from Barry gives your agents the tools they need to get real-time answers that lead to first-time resolution.

  • Around 90% of customers say they need immediate response to questions.
  • 67% of consumers that stopped doing business with a company say they would have stayed if their issue had been resolved on first contact.
  • 48% of consumers expect specialized treatment for being a good customer.

CREATE a Seamless Omnichannel Experience

9 in 10 consumers want a seamless omnichannel experience. Our CCaaS solutions enable customers to reach you using the channel they prefer, whether it’s  phone, email, chat, SMS, social media, or other option. Your customers gain comfort and convenience. Your agents can easily switch between channels rather than falter because of disjointed technologies.  

  • On average, 49% of consumers use three to five channels to contact customer service.
  • 69% of customers expect more digital and personalized experience from companies while getting products or services.
  • 72% of customer interactions will involve mobile, messaging, video, and other emerging technologies (Gartner).

EXPAND Your Anywhere, Anytime Workforce

As many as 80% of call center agents are currently working from home. Much of this growth is likely to be permanent. Our CCaaS solutions let you run with this change by giving your dispersed and work-from-home (WFH) agents and multi-site teams access the same data and omni-channel options.

  • Since the pandemic, WFH agent technology has passed 50% across organizations. 
  • WFH employees are 13% more productive than their counterparts working in designated workspaces.
  • 32% percent of IT decision-makers are looking to CCaaS to enable or expand their remote workforce.

IMPROVE Agent Engagement with Customers

Average handle times for interactions to the contact center decreased by 20% with CCaaS. Personalized engagement with quick issue resolution is essential, often with customer experience overtaking price as the key brand differentiator. The advanced capabilities offered by our CCaaS solutions increase first-call resolution and remove the need for customers to repeat questions for each interaction. 

  • One study found that important elements for good customer service are agents who understand the issue (51%) and have the potential to resolve problems quickly (49%). 
  • CCaaS results in a 10% reduction in average handling time and increases first-time resolution from 40-70%.
  • 70% of employees say they often have to leave the customer conversation to consult with their colleagues.

OPTIMIZE Scalability and Downtime

The average cost of downtime is $5,600 per minute. Our managed services enable you to be available 24/7 to meet customer demand, especially during peak times and disasters. Plus, as your business changes and grows, you’ll be able to add capacity and functionality whenever you want–easily and at little to no cost. These benefits also free up your IT resources by removing the burden of maintenance, updates, troubleshooting, and more.

  • Cloud-based, enterprise-grade telephony boasts an uptime of 99.999%. 
  • 51% of businesses plan to invest in a new contact center system because their current setup lacks functionality.
  • Cloud contact centers experience around 35% less downtime than on-premise tools.

ENABLE Seamless Integration

90% of employees agree that disjointed communications technologies negatively affect workflow, job satisfaction, and customer experience. When data is in silos, teams are using disparate, often conflicting sets of data. Our combined UCaaS/CCaaS solutions give your entire team access to a single set of integrated data so customers can get quick answers, without being put on hold. Plus, track more customer interactions to gain invaluable insights into product success, training opportunities, and customer satisfaction.

  • Over 80% of enterprise business operations leaders say data integration critical to ongoing operations.
  • 65% of organizations prefer to deploy data integration solutions from cloud platforms or hybrid cloud.
  • 67% of enterprises are relying on data integration to support analytics and BI platforms today.

COMPETE with Emerging Cloud Solutions

Reduce per-agent operating costs by 22% with UCaaS and CCaaS. Barry solutions improve operations and workflow by synching your data with business systems like KM, CRM, ERP, Microsoft Teams, and more.  If you want to maintain some of your data on-premise, we’ll seamlessly integrate it with your cloud data and apps. 

  • 62% of survey respondents say their biggest challenge in making future investments will come from trying to integrate with current software.
  • A single-vendor solution results in a 56% reduction in annual operating costs versus multi-vendor solutions.
  • 76% of contact centers plan to invest in artificial intelligence in the next two years. (Deloitte 2019)

MAGNIFY INSIGHTS Customizable Dashboard Analytics

Using customer intelligence in the contact center improves revenue by around 15%. Yet, only 37% of organizations feel they are using advanced analytics to create value. Accurate, real-time data enables supervisors to make timely decisions that enhance employee performance and CX. Instead of disjointed apps, redundant data, and clunky spreadsheets, you’ll have one integrated dashboard that tells you everything you need to know—in a way that is easy to view and understand.

  • Track employee KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), to better understand where employees need training.
  • Map customer journeys to see how different types of customers interact with your brand.
  • Understand employee performance issues and improve call-routing.
  • Determine services that best fit the client’s profile according to their communication history and  improve call routing.

LEVERAGE Artificial Intelligence

83% of companies say that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a strategic priority in their path to better CX. Barry is at the forefront of using AI automation to make your contact center more cost-effective by removing monotonous tasks from your agents and enabling the self-service and rapid response times that today’s customers demand.

  • Using customer intelligence in the contact center improves revenue by around 15%.
  • Consumers now prefer using self-service channels such as live chat (42%) and chatbots (86%), rather than contacting customer support.
  • Around 70% of customers now expect a company’s website to include a self-service chat application.

GAIN Security and Reliability

A majority (59%) of consumers say they’ll avoid companies hit by a cyberattack in the past year.  Barry Managed Services provides 24/7 Cloud monitoring through our NOC (Network Operations Center). Our solutions are designed to remove system vulnerabilities and ensure data privacy. You’ll provide customers’ peace of mind—while staying in compliance with security regulations and saving your company from costly, reputation-damaging security breaches.

  • Cybersecurity is second only to quality (63% and 70% respectively) in customer values when it comes to purchasing decisions.
  • More than a third of consumers have chosen not to buy from a company because they are concerned about data privacy in the past year.
  • Among those identifying themselves as vigilant on privacy issues, 82% boycotted a company over such concerns.
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