Transform team interactions, cohesiveness, and productivity  

Enjoy Clearer Communication and Stronger Relationships

81% of employees feel that collaboration apps improve the overall productivity of the company.

Without a robust collaboration tool, team members may have dozens of apps open all at once. At the same time, they’re juggling multiple channels as they work on the phone, email, SMS, and chat. Needless to say, it’s easy for teams to get bogged down. Barry consultants and engineers deliver collaboration tools that address the needs of today’s changing work environment.

  • Easily share knowledge and organize information

  • Work together on documents in real-time

  • Be confident everyone is working on the same version

  • Share calendars and create workflow timelines

  • Rely on a single set of data

Meet the Needs of Mobile & Remote Teams

EMPOWER YOUR MOBILE TEAMS AND EMPLOYEES with the same functionality as your in-office staff–from anywhere, on any kind of device. With the same virtual experience, your entire team embodies the power of real-time teamwork.

PROVIDE AN OMNI-CHANNEL EXPERIENCE with a full-featured platform that seamlessly combines IP phone, messaging, SMS, conferencing, collaboration tools, and other key applications–all on a managed cloud platform.

ENGAGE CUSTOMERS AND PARTNERS by working together in ways that are most convenient for them–conferencing, screen sharing, email, chat, SMS, and more. 

CREATE CLOUD-BASED EFFICIENCY AND SAVINGS by adding agility, reliability, and scalability–while freeing up your valuable IT staff from time-consuming, routine tasks.

Connect Everyone in your Meetings with Feature-Perfect Videoconferencing

We’ve reached a pivotal point in business communication, with radical changes in how we work together. It’s not a temporary situation, but a trend that is growing and here to stay. With less face-to-face interaction as the new normal, we rely on videoconferencing to help build positive connections, build team productivity, and provide a personal touch to everyday interactions.

Support your teams in all their collaborative work with an innovative UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) solution. Our expert staff and best-in-class service team will provide the greatest value for your budget.

We Help You Meet User Needs and Expectations

There is no one-size-fits-all collaboration tool or videoconferencing setup. Your business is unique. Our job is to help you define your requirements based on the anticipated needs of your hosts and presenters, participants, relevant non-participants, and those supporting the technology behind the scenes. Our expert staff will design an innovative solution tailored to your needs and budget.

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