Modernize your on-premise and legacy systems with VoIP and cloud applications  


With all eyes on a changing business environment, most companies are now shifting to UCaaS solutions. Why? Hosted cloud solutions meet the needs of today’s hybrid and work-from-home teams.

At the same time, many of our customers have confidence in their existing on-premise technology and wish to maintain these systems.

We will continue to provide support services to our current clients and other enterprises that maintain on-premise systems for as long as these systems are supported by the manufacturers. 


Common reasons why our customers maintain on-premise systems include:

  • Enterprise companies may already have a highly customized on-premise phone infrastructure, have made significant investments in the system, and have the IT resources to maintain them.

  • Clients in the process of migrating from on-premise VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to hosted Cloud solutions often do so in phases.

  • Companies in heavily regulated industries sometimes choose a hybrid system, hosting their most sensitive data and apps in-house, while other data and apps are moved to the Cloud.

We Support Our Legacy Customers

Today, most of our new implementations are delivered remotely by our customer-focused team on the phone or online. However, we continue to support our long-time legacy customers on-site when needed. We are thankful for their continued support and value the business relationships we have with them.

On-Site Service May Include:

Assessing Your Needs:

For new and long-term clients alike, we recommend innovative, tailored solutions based on our assessment of your business communications needs, including: 


  • Your existing infrastructure and strategic objective

  • Projected growth and expansion plans

  • Your collaboration needs, internally and with customers

  • In-house IT resources and expertise

  • Criteria for VoIP solutions for desktop phones, computers, and mobile devices

  • Project management capabilities and upgraded features

  • Budget

The Barry Team of Experts

Whether you plan to host your VoIP phone systems on-premises or in the cloud, we can help make the process quick and painless. By consulting with our first-in-service team, we’ll provide you with valuable insights for upgraded business communications.  

Current Customers

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