A well-designed and implemented Unified Communications solution transforms how you communicate

Create More Productive Teams with UCaaS


Our business environment has transformed dramatically. There’s almost no such thing as a single, cohesive workplace anymore. Instead, your on-premise and remote employees, working on landlines and mobile devices, are all juggling a multitude of applications. You’re facing the ongoing frustration and lower productivity of IT, staff, and supervisors alike. 

These are just some of the challenges UCaaS solutions resolve:


Teamwork, Productivity, and Decision-Making

  • Removing the frustration of juggling multiple applications, including voice, video, messaging, and conferencing
  • Having the same user experience on all devices, anywhere, including desktop computers, desk phones, and smartphones
  • Collaborating more efficiently and productively on complex and time-sensitive team projects
  • Instantly engaging across different geographies
  • Improving workflow for greater productivity and results
  • Accessing real-time data, reporting, and insightful analysis
  • Making better decisions based on one set of data, rather than relying on redundant, inconsistent data silos

IT Staffing and Budget

  • Removing the burden of daily maintenance and updates for dozens of tools and applications
  • Moving staff resources to more critical and innovative projects
  • Reducing costs associated with hardware, software, and storage space
  • Increasing flexibility and scalability, for greater agility and growth
  • Decreasing vulnerability to system security issues

Customer Experience

  • Creating better customer experience across multiple channels, including, phone, email, SMS, and social media
  • Strengthening communications with teams, partners, and customers using easy-to-handle audio and video conferencing—with screen sharing, whiteboarding, advanced controls, and more
  • Enabling more individualized customer engagement, with faster problem resolution
  • Providing agents with easy access to all relevant data in CRM and other systems

Our Integrated Solutions Meet Today’s Challenges

Unified Communications (UC) integrates all the tools and functionality your employees need into a single system—for better team communication, lower IT costs, and a superior customer experience.

Keeping your workforce and customers happy means adjusting to the rapid evolution of workplace dynamics and communications technologies. Barry can ease workforce and performance issues with unified, multi-channel communications solutions that help you be nimble and handle growth.   


 Our Solutions Address Your Concerns and Priorities 

Unified Communications

Individuals, teams, supervisors, and IT can do their best work—and better serve customers—when it’s simple to access everything they need in one place, from any location, on any device. Our enterprise-class UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) solutions will put you on the top of your game.

“I need a way to make in-office staff, remote employees, and teams work productively together. Right now they’re juggling between dozens of applications and teams are inefficient.”

UCaaS Solutions

Mobile & Remote

No one is tethered to a single location anymore—not employees, not customers, not partners. It’s our job to optimize access to your networks, with the utmost security and privacy.

“We’ve all been working from home on smartphones, computers, and laptops. We’ve made a huge switch to teleconferencing with clients, co-workers, and virtual project teams. It’s never going back to the way it was before.” 

Mobility & Remote Solutions

On-Premise & Legacy Systems

We continue to provide support for our clients with on-premise and legacy systems while providing a foundation for future cloud expansion. 

“We have already invested in the hardware, software, and infrastructure for our location, and we trust it for our most sensitive data. For us, it’s cost-effective, plus we’re not ready to go all-in on the cloud.”

On-Premise & Legacy Solutions

Collaboration & Video

Sometimes you just need audio and video—nothing fancy. The right conferencing tools can help you communicate better with your teams, clients, and partners.

“Our audio and video conferencing tools don’t have the right features and the sound is poor.”

Collaboration & Video solutions
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