Mitel phones and accessories deliver convenience and advanced flexibility 

Enjoy the convenience and advanced functionality of Mitel Phones and Accessories

Mitel’s MiVoice family of phones and accessories offers a wide range of advanced IP phones, consoles, conferencing units, and accessories. MiVoice products can support any sized business, mobile and hybrid workforces, and light to heavy phone users. With premium Mitel products, you can be confident of high quality, optimal performance, mobility, and scalability. 

Barry’s expert technicians will optimize your Mitel phones to fit each employee’s work style, for maximum productivity and user engagement.

MiVoice 6900 Series

Mobile-First IP Desktop Phones Designed for Today’s Hybrid Work Environment 

We offer several models of MiVoice 6900 Series IP phones, with your choice of advanced features and accessories. Each Mitel phone we offer features HD audio quality, high-resolution color displays, dual gigabit ports, a USB port, and an accessory expansion port—and a wide range of advanced features you can select according to your needs

Robust MiVoice 6900 IP phones are perfect for the modern workplace, where conversations and meetings can include participants in the office or remotely, using desk phones or mobile phones. Boost collaboration by easily pairing mobile phones directly with the 6900’s Bluetooth interface. Your mobile workers will have an equal level of experience as your desktop users, with easy access to advanced features.

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MiVoice Integrated DECT Headset

The MiVoice Integrated DECT Headset provides the convenience of wireless, hands-free communication. This convenient headset delivers a range of up to 300 feet of mobility, so you’ll miss fewer calls and have more freedom of movement—throughout the office, your home, or anywhere you work.

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MiVoice S720 Bluetooth Speakerphone

Maximize the productivity of your conference calls with this portable, easy-to-use Bluetooth Speakerphone, with coverage for up to six people. It’s ideal for office side tables and small meeting room conference calls, with full integration with MiVoice 6900 phones and built-in Bluetooth interface.

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Mitel/MiVoice Cordless Optimized Handset

Enjoy the freedom of cordless conversations for both IP and mobile integration calls for easy collaboration between in-office and remote co-workers. Users will enjoy the convenience of built-in call control buttons, easy configuration, incoming call notifications while away from the phone cradle, and a connection of up to 30 feet of Bluetooth range.

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MiVoice Programmable Expansion Modules

Improve the performance of employees who handle multiple simultaneous calls, such as receptionists and departmental administrative assistants. Gain productivity, remove frustration, and improve call handling with intuitive programmable expansion modules. Advanced features enable you to easily add up to 96 buttons to the existing programmable keys on your IP phone, along with easy-to-program feature keys, speed dial keys, direct station select (DSS) keys, or line appearance keys.

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