Mitel MiVoice Business

Maximize collaboration and productivity with a fully integrated UCaaS/CCaaS Solution

Mitel MiVoice Business:
Future-proof your business with a comprehensive, fully integrated cloud-ready UCaaS and CCaaS solution.

Mitel MiContact Center Business: Deliver outstanding customer service throughout the customer journey with full omnichannel capabilities.

Mitel MiCollab Audio, Web and Video Conferencing:  Enhance any meeting with collaboration – anytime, anywhere

Mitel Connect Mobile App: Stay Connected at all Times: Mobile Solutions for the Modern Worker

Brightmetrics Analytics: Brightmetrics Enables Call Center Intelligence to improve customer satisfaction


Unify your UCaaS and CCaaS Experience

Businesses of all sizes are looking for a comprehensive communications solution that ensures continuous personal and team productivity. For businesses that need sophisticated call center functionality, the Mitel MiVoice Business communication platform is ideal. It provides a powerful, flexible foundation upon which Barry designs innovative UCaaS and CCaaS solutions. 

With Barry’s extensive knowledge of the Mitel Core platform and additional Mitel software, you’ll enjoy a solution that delivers an exceptional UCaaS / CCaaS experience. Your fully integrated communication solution will integrate everything you need for maximum performance that’s just right for your organization—including advanced collaboration, contact center, mobile, and analytics capabilities.

Welcome to the Barry Mitel MiContact Center

Maximize your Omnichannel Customer Experience with Mitel MiContact Center

A contact center that can’t keep up with today’s digital complexity and heightened customer expectations will inevitably fall behind the competition. Unlike separate, stand-alone contact center software, Barry integrates Mitel MiContact Center software with the core Mitel software for a powerful integrated solution for interacting with your customers throughout the entire journey.

Benefits Of MiContact Center

Satisfy and Retain Customers

Meet the needs of today’s digital consumers by providing equally high responsiveness on phone, email, Web chat, fax, and social media. Empower your customers to be served the way they prefer and manage their expectations. 

Improve Agent and Team Performance

Improve team communication, call routing, and first-time resolution with unified desktop productivity tools. Extend the full voice and data capabilities enjoyed by on-site agents to agents working at home or remotely. 

Help Supervisors Improve Results

With automated functionality, historical data, and greater real-time insight, you’ll encourage customers to stay in the queue, increase the rate of first-time resolution, improve business processes, and streamline operation. MiContact Center provides you with sophisticated workforce management, agent forecasting, and scheduling tools.

Ensure the Speed of Business

Business continuity is ensured with a robust and highly resilient solution designed to provide seamless and uninterrupted service in the event of a hardware failure or network outage.

Mitel MiCollab Audio, Web and Video Conferencing

Enhance Collaboration with Anytime, Anywhere Conferencing.  

Mitel MiCollab provides your business with an integrated suite of conferencing and collaboration tools designed for clearer communication, stronger user engagement, and a better connected team. With improved, easy-to-use functionality, your employees can quickly transition a regular voice call into a collaborative session that lets all participants share documents, presentations, and more, with only a click of a button.

With all participants easily accessing team knowledge, insights, and experiences—onsite or remotely—you set the stage for higher quality, more timely business decisions.

Mitel MiCollab Mobile App

Seamlessly Connect with Mobile Employees, Wherever They Are.

Empower your business to extend its reach to the ever-growing mobile and remote workforce. Give your employees everything they need to connect, communicate, and collaborate across blended environments, regardless of location. The Mitel MiCollab app provides an essential mix of tools that enables teams to work together from anywhere, on any device, at any time. Whether your meeting is spontaneous or planned, you have the convenience of choosing whether to collaborate through instant messaging, voice, desktop video, or the web.


Improve Results with the Ultimate Contact Center Intelligence Resource. 

Managing a contact center comes with a unique set of challenges, including maximizing customer satisfaction while controlling costs. Brightmetrics for MiContact Center heightens the organization’s CCaaS experience. This brilliantly simple analytics tool makes it easy to tap into the vast amount of complex historic data that is aggregated within the Mitel MiContact Center. Equally important, access real-time data—such as queue times and agent status—to help resolve problems as they happen. With Brightmetrics, supervisors can quickly and correctly identify ways to improve customer satisfaction, identify optimal staffing levels, increase employee productivity, and determine the most beneficial employee training. 

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