Public & Private Cloud 

Choose the cloud deployment model that’s right for your users, data, and IT resources 


What’s the Difference?

UCaaS and CCaaS solutions can be delivered in a few different ways. These fall into the categories of public Cloud and private Cloud. A combination of these, called a hybrid model, houses some data and apps in the Cloud, while others remain at the customer’s location, on-premises.

What is a Public Cloud?

This model uses multi-tenant architecture, where all business users share the same common hosted servers

What is a Private Cloud?

Also known as virtualized architecture, this is a single-tenancy model, where each organization gets its own software “instance,” which can be tailored more specifically to the needs of the tenant.

Different Clouds Models Provide Different Opportunities


  • Most cost-effective

  • On-demand scalability

  • High availability

  • Zero maintenance

  • Easy deployment


  • Low customization

  • Lower compliance

  • Lower daily performance

  • Loss of flexibility and control

  • Less security and privacy


  • Customizable, flexible

  • High security, dedicated

  • High-performance

  • Regulation, compliance

  • Efficient, high availability


  • Capital, IT costs

  • High maintenance

  • Difficult to deploy

  • Harder to scale

  • Space limitation

Which Cloud Model Is Right for You?

While the public and private model suite different purposes, they each reduce the cost and space of housing the entire UC or Contact Center at the business’s location.

Large enterprises often choose a private Cloud, which offers greater customizability and tailored security. On the other hand, a public Cloud is less expensive because it’s easier to support and deliver—especially on smartphones and tablets. However, it’s much less customizable.

Barry can help you determine which model best suits your data needs. In all cases, though, your Cloud solution will be more available, flexible, scalable, resilient, and require fewer IT resources.

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