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Consolidate Your Technologies on the Right Platform  

Your communications platform is the foundation upon which your applications or software are and developed and integrated. Each platform’s architecture and software has a unique set of features and capabilities, making the section of a platform a critical decision.

We offer best-in-class platforms from 8×8 and Mitel, for innovative UCaaS and CCaaS solutions.

Our developers will select the platform that will best meet your current criteria and budget, with the flexibility to adapt to future needs. 

As your managed service provider, Barry designs a high-value solution on one of these world-class platforms:


8×8, with Microsoft
 Teams Integration  

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Mitel Private

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What is a UCaaS or CCaaS Solution? 

When your Unified Communications or Contact Center solution lives in the Cloud it is hosted, delivered, and managed by a hosted by a Cloud provider, it’s delivered as a subscription service rather than as a traditional capital purchase of hardware and software. 

 UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) and CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) solutions from Barry deliver flexibility, IT savings, and the agility needed in today’s evolving technology environment. 

How Do You Choose the Right Platform?

It’s important to make sure you get the right solution for your organization. Today there are many choices and numerous concerns to consider. We have made this easy for our customers by researching and carefully choosing platforms that offer the greatest reliability, flexibility and cost effectiveness. The platform we select allows us to customize our solutions to best meet your needs.  

Why choose Barry as your Communications Cloud Provider?

We work with communications partners who are world-class, visionary leaders in the industry. As a long-standing communications technology innovator, Barry has carefully selected 8×8 and Mitel as the platforms that will best serve our customers’ UCaaS and CCaaS needs. 

When we consult with you and consider the design and implementation of your solution, we will determine which platform will provide the best foundation for your solution based on your requirements, priorities, and budget.  You can be assured that your customized solution will be flexible, scalable, and secure—for productive employees, satisfied customers, efficient operations, and optimal use of your IT resources.

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