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Be Part of the Process 

Finding a great telecommunications solution takes more than just picking platforms and apps. They also require an expert project team you can rely on to assess your needs, implement your solution with minimal disruption, and provide you with ongoing support.

At Barry, we help you get the most out of your investment. You can trust us to communicate clearly, be transparent, and collaborate closely. When you partner Barry, your internal team will be part of the process every step of the way. 

Start with a Maximum-Value Consultation

When you work with the Barry team, we will explore, in depth, your needs to get a 360-degree view of where you are now, with an eye toward your desired future.

We ask the right questions, then listen closely to find out:

  • How you currently communicate—what works and what doesn’t?

  • What do your employees need to collaborate and be productive?

  • How do you want to engage your customers to boost their experience?

  • How can we streamline your workflow and processes?

  • What apps and platforms need to be integrated and optimized?

  • What’s the best way to educate, inform, and train end-users?

  • What type of ongoing support will your IT team will need?

Once we have fully assessed your business needs, we can move forward with your project, recommending options and helping you evaluate which ones will best meet your goals while staying within your budget.

Superior Project Management Provides Peace of Mind

Implementing a complex telecommunications project may cause anxiety and stress. Some common concern are: Will the project be completed on time? Will our employees lose productivity? Will it stay within budget? How will be successfully bring our end-uses onboard? 

Your project manager (PM) will clearly communicate with you from concept through delivery–so there are no surprises. Our team will collaborate closely with yours so we can execute flawlessly, according to a mutually agreed-upon plan that will minimize disruption in operations and workflow, while optimizing a seamlessly integrated system for a better end-user experience.

Your dedicated project team will lead the entire planning, scoping, implementation, deployment, and onboarding for successful execution. Our comprehensive process ensures you’ll receive the greatest value for your investment.

We have the experience to lead you throughout the journey, including:


 We clarify the information gathered in your initial consultation, including features and functionality in your current environment, requirements, and project expectations.

Project Plan

Your Barry team outlines each phase of the implementation process so that the project stays on target, is as effortless a possible, and meets all of the expectations and deliverables. 

Implementation Strategy

Our working implementation plan details the scope of work, project phases, and processes—including preparation, design refinements, execution, migration, and optimization. Other items will include success criteria, features and functions, major milestones, tasks, training, timelines, and deadlines.


We can assure expert integration with applications and data associated with any of your third-party apps, including CRM, ERP, analytics and reporting, electronic documents.


We monitor and keep the plan updated to reflect progress and additional requirements. Your solution will be deployed and configured according to the plan, and any required hardware will be set up. When ready, you will be able to evaluation the solution so we can make any final refinements. 


Once the solution has been tested and evaluated, we’ll train your personnel and initiate the rollout, monitoring, and fine-tuning as necessary. 

Continued Support

Our team at Barry Communications will have a comprehensive understanding of your project. We encourage any feedback and questions about your solution. We can also explore any issues that you have with workforce adoption. After all, we want you and your end-user to optimize all the features and functionality of your UCaaS or CCaaS solution for the best results. 

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