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The advantages of cloud computing and emerging technologies have transformed how we do business, with 94% of enterprises are already using cloud services. 

Cloud computing offers cost savings, better use of IT resources, and greater efficiency. The difficulty is that, on average, organizations leverage five different cloud platforms, which can lead to lower productivity, missed opportunities for collaboration, and less engaged customers.

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Optimize Operations

There’s a long list of reasons why cloud solutions are rapidly picking up speed. From managers up to the C-suite, there is pressure to be agile for growth while keeping IT and operational expenses down. The cloud is a cost-effective solution that makes employees more productive—and makes better use of valuable IT resources.

Enable Remote Workers

Now, especially with the workplace changes brought about by COVID-19, remote workers are an integral part of business success, and cloud computing gives work-from-home employees the same tools as their colleagues in the office, on any device. With more communication channels and technologies, there are great opportunities to collaborate—but also challenges, with many disjointed applications and information silos. 

Satisfy Customers

Business results get better when we make it easier for customers to engage with us—conveniently and with rapid resolution to questions. Businesses find it hard to compete without omni-channel options, including conferencing, email, chat, SMS, social media, screen sharing, and other technologies that improve customer experience.  

Leverage IT Resources

With complex IT systems, dozens of applications, data overload, and security, IT staff is often stretched to the limit with daily maintenance, updates, and help-desk calls. It’s hard for them to keep up with ongoing change in the organization and ensure continuous uptime. Cloud solutions ease the burden with no-hassle solutions that are flexible, scalable, and easy to deploy and maintain.

When it’s time to migrate your data and applications to the cloud, Barry has private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid solutions that can be tailored to your business needs.

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